Fresh Produce at Stockton’s Farmers’ Market

kabocha pumpkins

Kabocha Pumpkin

An asian variety of the pumpkin, the kabocha is rich in beta-carotene,
vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber. It is good for soup, stew, and dessert.
The seeds are edible and are a good source of protein. Kabocha pumpkins can
be saved for more than a month if stored in a cool dry place.

Eggplants. Aubergines[1] Eggplant_display[1]


Eggplants, like tomatoes, are closely associated with Italian cooking. There
are many varieties and they come in different colors — white, yellow, orange, green,
and purple. By far, the most common is the dark purple color of aubergines.
Eggplants also come in different shapes and sizes, big and small, round
and elongated.




Sweet basil, sometimes called Italian basil, with its subtle mint-clove-thyme
taste, goes well with garlic, olive oil, and tomotoes in many mediterranean
dishes in salad, pasta rice, and sauce.

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