Quaker Worship




[Excerpted from “Silence and Speech
For anyone new to Quaker Worship
by Richard F. Allen]

Preparation for Meetings

It is best to arrive in an unhurried way somewhat before the stated time
of the meeting, and not talk much outside, but go in and sit in silence.

Entering the Silence

Many Quakers would probably say they are waiting….waiting in their utmost
hearts for the touch of something beyond their everyday selves. Some would
call it “listening to the quiet voice of God”….without trying to define
the word.

Speaking Out of Silence

Those who speak feel themselves to be in the presence which, however they may
name it or avoid naming it, commands their reverence.

Subject Matter of Ministry

Ideally, in a truly “gathered” meeting the silence itself governs both the
content and the form of what is spoken. It supports those who speak, and
at the same time exerts a gentle discipline on what they say and helps them
to find the right words.

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